Bathroom Furniture Set FORMA ALMOND BEIGE 90

Timeless and contemporary. The rounded corners and curvature shape that characterize the Forma collection create a feeling of lightness in the bathroom. The more modern and complex our world becomes, the more we long for an escape from the daily stress, to refresh our mind, vision and emotions. The design of the Forma series allows an expression of minimalism but with a personal touch. The sinuous lines of the series, its attractive surface, and subtle luxury make it the perfect choice for those who seek prestige with contemporary forms for a cozy and functional bathroom environment.



(100312637) 90 cm wall mounted vanity. The Exterior surface is made of Project Tech. It incorporates a central drawer (with an interior drawer), both with a soft close system and two side drawers with shelves and a soft-close system + (100312669) 360º rotatory mirror with shelves on the back to be installed next to the wall-mounted Forma vanity.
Color : Beige
Width : 90 cm
Length : 50.6 cm
Height : 48 cm
Partner : Noken Porcelanosa Group: