Our Partners

A leading company producing ceramic tiles and ceramic granite with a history of more than 50 years. The company enjoys worldwide recognition due to its innovative technologies, innovative design and high quality.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is part of the PORCELANOSA Grupo, which specializes in the production of sanitary ware. Since its foundation, it has been producing high-tech, high-quality, luxury bathroom products: faucets, sinks, bathtubs, shower cabins, shower systems, a wide range of bathroom furniture, accessories, heated towel rails, accessories with unique colors.

A new generation hard material that is warmer to the touch and has the same properties as natural stone. It contains two-thirds of natural minerals (aluminum trihydrate) and a small percentage of high-strength resins.
It is easy to repair, it does not require special care. The advantage is that you can get any look from it in any color. It allows you to implement the most daring ideas, getting unique forms in the interior and exterior.

  A wide range of natural products, finishing materials for bold creative solutions. Products made of ceramic tiles, glass, natural stones, wood, metal, mirrors become the undisputed center of any room.

Large format ceramic granite: minimum thickness, unique range, high technical properties. This company is one step ahead in the evolution of ceramics. Due to its high-quality standards, it withstands any weather conditions, and gives any environment a complete look.

This Spanish factory producing large-format ceramic granite with a thickness of 3 mm to 20 mm is among the top 5 largest producers. With state-of-the-art, high-tech, innovative design, these wide-format tiles are used for walls and floors, as well as for furniture, doors, and countertops. It has higher resistance than natural stone, has 0% water absorption, and has no porosity, due to which it is absolutely antibacterial.

This Spanish factory, striving to create ceramic tiles that evoke emotions, always remains at the forefront of the development of new technologies and innovations. The brand helps to develop unique architectural and design projects, providing sources of inspiration with its unique products.

Since 1987, this company of PORCELANOSA Grupo concern specializes in the production of the kitchen, bathroom, and home furniture, maintaining high quality, functionality, comfort, and the latest technologies, and design.

One of the most important representatives of the global ceramics industry. Today the company is recognized as an ideal partner by a wide range of clients, designers and architects. The introduction and development of constantly innovative technologies gives impeccable quality, charming and interesting design.

A manufacturer of three-dimensional mosaic tiles with unique colors, expressive images, and sizes, the emphasis is on creating trendy, functional, and unique collections that reveal all the creative possibilities.

The factory is one of the largest companies in Spain, specializing in the production of elite floor and wall ceramic tiles. This manufacturer was able to find a worthy place in the world market with its excellent quality and originality.

Global brand of large-size tiles in Spain. It stands out for its durability, and unique design, created for abstract and bold projects. It is an ideal material for interior decoration of all kinds of projects, furniture cladding, and exterior facades of buildings.

This Italian brand was born from the idea of Alessio Koramusi, one of the descendants of the ancient family of master ceramists of the late 1800s. The aim of the company was to develop the craftsmanship of this noble craft, to create innovative, original collections of bathroom furniture, sanitary ceramics, eternal, modern, but at the same time connected with the tradition of ceramic art. Our collections have recognizable, elegant, and functional designs, and unique color solutions.

The Spanish brand aims to create a design that will give us the freedom to express our uniqueness. Only in this way can we create a world full of unusual and unique feelings. DUNE creates materials for unique projects. Special, emotional “fashionable” decorative tiles from different materials, 3D mosaics, and sinks that promote self-expression.

Mia Italia Bathroom is based in Pesaro, specializing in the production of bathroom furniture. The embodies the desire of Milko Candelaresi to further develop his 35 years of experience in the field of bathroom furniture, embodying the true values of Italian culture and style.

It is considered to be a leading manufacturer of small size, interesting and colorful tiles. Paying attention to the trends, it offers a unique, unrepeatable range – retro style.

“Made with love” – this is the motto of this brand, which produces ceramic floor, wall tiles, and granite tiles. The product is distinguished by exceptional reliability, simplicity, moderate, and at the same time classic elegance.

Brand of high-quality luxury sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, mixers, and shower systems. Semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, onyx, optical glass, natural marble – the brand carefully selects the highest quality materials to create unique products. THG Paris embodies the art of eternity and luxury living.

Olympia started producing sanitary ware in 1979; the company immediately proved that it was in line with modern trends. One of the peculiarities of Olympia is the great experience in the production of sanitary ceramics, in contrast to other Italian manufacturers, which have historically been associated with the furniture industry, therefore, focused only on the production of sinks and WC. The work of a professional team, ensuring a constant high level of quality, following the trends of design and innovation, gives OLYMPIA CERAMICA a respected position on the scale of global manufacturers.